Palestra Group International provides a myriad of training tailored for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.  Each course is customized to provide the best training to the target audience.

Palestra Group International prides itself on providing a level of training which has proven to be invaluable to past attendees. Our professionals provide experience, established results, wide spread knowledge and dedication that far exceeds industry standards. Our training modules have produced results both foreign and domestic in the field of criminal investigation and the seizure of illicit contraband.

Comprised of a skilled team of Federal, State and Regional Law Enforcement professionals, currently operational in their field of expertise, each lecturer provides training that details current trends, specific knowledge of the subject matter and the officer safety issues for their respective topic.

  • Street Gang Recognition & Identification
  • Undercover Narcotics Investigation
  • Vehicle Concealed Compartments
  • Residential Concealed Compartments

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